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This highly unknown credit card tip could earn you up to 15% back on your purchases

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As credit card loyalty programs become increasingly lucrative, credit cards have become a fantastic way to get rewarded for every purchase you make. Banks and credit card issuers are offering massive sign on bonuses and high earning reward programs to convince you to switch to their cards. In fact, the average US shopper can earn $600 on average in credit... Read more

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How Birch calculates reward values

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Credit card rewards are tricky. Apart from the face earning value of cards, like 2x points on groceries or 3x points on gas, there's an entirely different side of rewards that gets easily overlooked - the value those points or miles are worth when you go to redeem them. The only time these rewards are straightforward (usually) is when you're... Read more

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Is United Airlines trying to become more like Spirit?

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Just a week ago, United announced that it was rolling out a brand new seat class: Basic Economy. You can read the full page on United's website. Here are the details you need to know. You're only allowed a personal item sized bag Board with the final group No Premier Qualifying Miles are earned Your seat is assigned at check... Read more

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Parents - If your kid is playing Pokémon Go, check your bank account!

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Pokémon Go has taken off. Within a matter of days the app has reached record numbers of downloads and has more daily active users than Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram... and Snapchat. The game, developed through a partnership between Niantic Labs and Nintendo, is designed to let people explore their neighborhoods while catching Pokémon along the way. It's a truly... Read more


Product Hunt - By the Numbers

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If you’re in the tech world, doing anything from building drones to developing a new B2B accounting solution, you’ve most likely heard of Product Hunt. What once used to be a hobby site for early adopters to find the next great tool, has now turned into a launching pad that drives enough exposure for a lot great startups... Read more


We're Giving Away a Free Roundtrip Flight!

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Yeah, you read that right. We're crazy about free travel, so what better way to promote it than giving out some ourselves?! You only have to do two things to be entered to win! You'll choose where you want to go and we'll pay for the flight up to $250. Simple as that. Head over to our Facebook page at... Read more